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I Want Real Dating What does the bible say about becoming a man

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What does the bible say about becoming a man

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In popular media, men are often portrayed as dense, selfish, arrogant, sexually immoral and at least potentially violent. Looking at the heart is a concept lost on much of modern culture.

What does the Bible actually say about being a real man? Jesus Christ is the perfect example of this behavior. Wives, in turn, are told to respect their husbands.

To protect is to shield someone from exposure, injury or destruction. Consider whzt biblical story of Ruth. A young Moabite woman, she flirting in korean the daughter-in-law of Elimelech and Naomi, an Israelite couple who fled to Moab in the area of modern-day Jordan to escape a terrible famine in Israel.

saay In the course of time Elimelech and his two sons died. Naomi decided to return to her homeland, and Ruth courageously went with her, even though she would be leaving her native Moab to live as a foreigner in Israel. Her future was incredibly uncertain, and she was extremely vulnerable.

Boaz was a wealthy and noble man of high social abouut. He was just the kind of man who could have ignored two struggling widows, especially one who was a foreigner.

But Boaz was a man of godly character who exercised his duty to protect those who were at risk. He personally saw to it that their basic needs were met. He kept watch over Ruth as she worked to help support her mother-in-law.

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Life provides many, many opportunities to serve others by protecting them or their interests. Engaging in physical intimacy with a woman ahat marriage is stealing. A man who takes responsibility for his actions has the wisdom to anticipate compromising situations and grils fuck sex proactively about how to avoid.

There are many situations in life where we can do the right thing only by taking responsibility for our own actions.

Never miss an opportunity to practice these three key concepts of true manliness. Skip to main content. You might also be interested in David Cobb.