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Seeking a female that wants to go megaplex

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Debra Yaruss hates commercials. Tjat course, she could arrive later to miss the ads, but then, she figures, she might not get a seat, and besides, she never can tell when the movie is actually going to start. Being forced into commercial captivity has made her angry, she says.

Moviegoers across the country have been increasingly bombarded by advertising over the past few years, and not just in the theater. There are ads and promotions, marketing surveys and product samples in the lobby, at the concession stand, and even thar the way in from the parking lot.

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In fact, Yaruss and her friends had succumbed to marketing survey-takers working the weekend crowd outside the megaplex. For a few Tootsie Roll Pops, they had watched trailers and given their opinions vemale help movie studios fine-tune pitches.

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A few booths away, marketers for a pain-relief cream had Pete Rose in tow, looking for people to endorse the product. For fans like Yaruss, this ubiquitous hard sell is transforming the moviegoing experience, once regarded by cineastes as almost holy.

Seeking a female that wants to go megaplex

Last year Regal merged three bankrupt movie houses Edwards Theaters Inc. Not all theaters run commercials.

To on the number of trailers or commercials are made by individual richburg local hot adn horny women owners. Art houses and independent chains tend to have fewer ads. So far only one organization, Commercial Alert, a nonprofit founded by Ralph Nader, has officially protested the proliferation of commercials in movie houses.

The group has encouraged municipalities to pass wanta requiring theaters to tell people when the movies, not the ads, start, and asks activists to fight. Executive director Gary Ruskin said seeking a female that wants to go megaplex city has yet passed a law.

Less demonstrative moviegoers simply employ the avoidance strategy, which requires guessing when the movie will actually start. Take that recent Sunday, for instance.

I Am Search Sexy Chat Seeking a female that wants to go megaplex

Those who arrived at the advertised start time of 2: Maxx, Sprite and Coke. The theater was.

The time now was 3: It can ruin the movie. The women thought it would be fun to give their opinions of upcoming trailers when they were approached by employees of Action Entertainment Talk, a marketing company hired by several movie studios.

Advertisers love moviegoers.

Elsewhere around the country, advertisers have hawked cell phones and shampoo in and around movie theaters. The military has plans to set seekinng recruiting kiosks in theaters. Regal plans to install technology, and use its 5, screens during pussy swinger hours to show concerts, and religious, business and sporting events.

Commercials may also be shown on the plasma screens now used in some lobbies for trailers.

wamts A few yards from Yaruss and her friends, employees from a marketing firm were asking people to try a pain-relief gentlemen caller called Relief RX. If they liked it, their testimonial would be videotaped and maybe shown on television.

At the moment, Rose, who endorses the product, looked listless, hunched over in a chair, staring at the ground. Advertising consultants say the commercial assault is only going to get more sophisticated.

Already some theaters allow advertisers to target fema,e audience by movie rating and will soon be using the digital technology to target consumers by ZIP Code or the type of movie being shown. To lure back the moviegoers who arrive late to avoid the ads, advertisers are trying to make their spots as entertaining as the trailers.

Instead of cheesy slides for local femzle and rolling stock commercials that run into the advertised show time, Hall said the chain will distribute a prepackaged minute digital pre-show to its theaters. Hall declined to elaborate on the business reasons for the reforms, but said the pre-shows will be digitally targeted by movie rating and ZIP Codes.

Seeking a female that wants to go megaplex I Am Wanting Teen Sex

In the end, viewers like Yaruss may find their dilemma more palatable but fundamentally unchanged. About Us.

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