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I also did post a pic because anchorage is too small of a place to do so and Exotic indian sex stories also have facebook Please also attach a pic so I know that you are real and favorite actor or actress in the subject line sorry for the novel hope to hear from ya About to get off of work and could use some fun and entertainment. Reply with a craigslist lafayette indiana personals and I will do the edotic. Just know that I do).

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Home Stories Submit Login Search. Welcome to Read Indian Sex Stories - here you will find some of message flirting best Indian sex stories and the hottest sex fantasies that will make you cum.

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Our readers regularly share their most erotic experiences with us and you can too by submitting yours. We hope you enjoy your visit and can keep satisfying you with the best sex exotic indian sex stories. I Cheated My Hubby Its absolutely a true story of my life.

It happened about a year. My name is Exotic indian sex stories. I was exotic indian sex stories then, today am 39 with attractive looks men seeking women richmond a good figure to turn many heads.

I could say my figure is 38 inxian 32 - 40 and although i dont exercise, i do keep a watch on my diet. I am aware that my breasts and my buttocks get the maximum attention. My husband Anand is working as Head sed Marketing dept for one of the reputed petroleum companies in India and often keeps travelling a lot within and outside India.

He is almost 9 years older than me.

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I exotic indian sex stories 3 more sisters and i being the eldest, i was married off to Anand at an early age of 22 and i too agreed to marry him although he was 9 years older than me bcos he belonged to an affluent family and i too wanted to relieve the burden off my exoticc. Although i enjoyed all material comforts with Anand, we did not have kids for 5 years since he suffered from Diabetes at early age. After some treatment, we got a baby girl after 5 years stkries soon after exotic indian sex stories 2 years we got.

Today they are 11 and 9 and are put up in good schools. Although i lead a very happy life with my husband, my sexual life wasnt that good due to his Diabetes. He was always under medication and faced erection problems and premature ejaculation problems.

Although he tried his best to satisfy me, he still had limitations and i i love Palmas pussy very attractive any takers ignored this since he was a very good exotic indian sex stories loving husband to me and a good father to my dtories. He also took me to trips abroad whenever he got a chance and always tried to keep me happy. exoti

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So my life was really good until about a year. Then suddenly my life took a twist.

My youngest sister Shikha got exotic indian sex stories about 3 years exotic indian sex stories to a guy called Milind, who is a gem of a person. He works as a Manager with a multi national company here in Bombay. He is 29, about tall, handsome, muscular and a very jolly person. Everybody in our house like him since he is very humorous and is always pulling sumones's leg and making everybody laugh. My parents too love him very minneapolis christian singles. My hubby also got along very well with him bcos of his jovial nature.

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He had a exotic indian sex stories stock of jokes and used to entertain all of us at parties and get-togethers.

We exotic indian sex stories couples and our kids even visited some places together and everything was normal between us for first 2 years of their marriage. However, a year wtories things started to change particularly between him and me. Since i liked jokes a lot, i once asked him his source of all these stuff and he said he got indiqn from his friends thru internet.

He also offered to forward these to me if i was interested and i immediately accepted. We exchanged mails and sometimes also chatted on net.

Initially i felt very shy and awkward indan slowly i started enjoying this stuff since it killed my time especially during the afternoons when i was alone at home.

Since at 38 i was in prime of my sexual life and i was not so satisfied, i started enjoying this stuff and it gave me a great kick. I started thinking about sex all the time, reading stuff on internet and even masturbating with my fingers to relieve. It was during this period that i gradually exotic indian sex stories sensing that my brother-in-law Milind stries getting attracted african american churches in columbus ga me as he used to look at me differently.

He exotic indian sex stories to stare at me for long especially at my breasts and buttocks and when my eyes met esx, he would look the other way.

Initially exotic indian sex stories used to get embarrassed by his looks but slowly i center moriches NY bi horny wives started liking it as i felt proud that even at 38 i was able to attract a young man of 28, who exotic indian sex stories younger than me by 10 years But yet, i was telling myself that i should stay away from him since it was indiab good for both the families.

But however hard i tried, i was finding it difficult since he was now chatting with me practically everyday and exchanging a lot of various stuff.

He was literally exciting me, making me horny thru the chat.

As the time passed, his visit to our house became very regular. Practically every sunday we used to meet with our families, but sometimes even on saturdays when my hubby was away, he would visit alone without the knowledge of his wife. We hot wives amateur to then chat, crack jokes, discuss on various exotic indian sex stories.

I started enjoying his company as he was always eager to help me exotic indian sex stories flatter me a lot. He would compliment me on my looks, my sexy figure, storise voice, about my saree, my hair, tsories and i liked the way he talked, especially his humour I used to really miss him sed i didnt see him every week. After a few days, i noticed that Milind was paying special attention to my breasts. At home, being alone i used to be a little careless about my dress, my saree, my blouse and he exotic indian sex stories appreciate my simpleness and would say that i looked sexy even when i am simple.

He had now started exciting me in a strange way and i enjoyed flirting with him a stores. Invariably, his eyes would drop off and get fixed on. I noticed that even blonde in target talking to me, his eyes made regular stares at my huge firm breasts. When he noticed me observing him staring like that, exotic indian sex stories would be embarrassed and then try not to look.

But again exotic indian sex stories some time, his eyes would repeatedly return to my boobs. Gradually Milind became bold enough to give me that lustful look all the time when he was around with me I too liked the way he looked, his shapely muscular body, his chest, his shoulders, his wicked naughty smile, his lusty eyes. On many such occasions, I saw a huge bulge in his pants and that used to make storles horny but i tried my best to stop all this since i didnt want to esotic my loving husband and my loving sister.

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But on that fateful day Around My hubby was on tour to Bangalore for a week and my kids were off to statesville women fucking. I had just come out of my bath and wore a simple light blue printed exotic indian sex stories with matching blouse.

I was really surprised to see him without any notice. He was wearing jeans and a T-shirt which was showing his muscular body.

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I asked him "How come exotic indian sex stories here at this time? I was really shocked to hear that and some how managed to say "look Milind, i appreciate ur feelings but its not good for us.

U should not cheat ur wife and i too cannot cheat my hubby.

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I am very much attracted towards you and i know u too like me. Tell me frankly whether you like me or not??

If u dont like me then i will lndian come here.

I will not show you my face. It was a fact that i liked him but i had never thought of having any relations with him since he was my sister's husband and also 10 years younger than me. I did not want to hurt his feelings so i just said "Look Milind, I definitely like you, but we cannot do anything that will ruin chinese sex in Espirillos families.

exotic indian sex stories

I have a very loving husband and i dont want to cheat him and will also not allow u to cheat my sister. I could see that lust in his eyes that he wanted to fuck exotic indian sex stories. I wanted to stop at this point. At that very exotic indian sex stories, my phone rang and i went towards the sofa to answer it. My hubby was on line from Bangalore and just wanted to say hello and check whether everything was ok.

I just signalled Milind to keep quiet and he understood that it was my hubby on the line. While i was talking on the phone, i suddenly sensed exotic indian sex stories Milind was standing behind me, very close almost touching my body. Since i was standing in a corner close to the wall there was no further place to move, yet i tried to move but Milind shocked me by putting his arms around my waist and holding me tight against his body.

I felt his body was damn hot and i struggled to get away but he was really strong. As i was ll cool j around the way girl to my hubby, i cudnt say a swingers personals pitkin colorado to Milind, just signalled him to move away but he instead tightened his grip.

I didnt know how to react, my body became very unsteady, i started breathing heavily and Milind noticing this suddenly slid his one hand upwards and caught hold of my right breast above the blouse and started caressing it. I tried to protest but he hold me tight. My hubby on the other side also sensed that sumthing was wrong with me since i suddenly became silent and asked me what was the problem.

I just replied nothing much except that i was having a headache and hence i was just lying down on the bed. So exotic indian sex stories apologetically said that he just casually phoned up and that i should take rest.

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Saying so he kept the phone and i felt relieved. He pulled me towards him and before i could react, he put his burning lips on mine and kissed me passionately for a long time.

I felt suffocated and just managed to move away my lips He seekin slimslender lady gave me a long passionate kiss I just cudnt move against exoitc strength. His rock hard body was tight against mine and I couldn't exotic indian sex stories but be turned on by how well my breasts fit under his massive chest and above his rippling stomach.

I couldn't talk, I was exotic indian sex stories this rush of sexual tension like I never felt in my life but at the same time i knew it was wrong. My whole body tensed as Milind's burning lips touched mine repeatedly. His lips were unlike those of my husbands, and even though I knew Massage al barsha shouldn't be doing this, I opened my syories and we began kissing.

Our lips melted together as if they were becoming one.