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Boston morning go fast and fuck I Am Wants Sexy Chat

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Boston morning go fast and fuck

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What the fuck, Boston? Thank you. Good to be.

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I love it. Goddamn it! Good to see goo peopleā€¦ having a good time. Seems like every day you turn on the news, more and more crazy shit.

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You lazy fucks! You guys have phones in your pockets and spaceships! Who told you that, bro?

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The United States was founded in People live to be a. The Fear Factor guy just hit you with a fucking math quiz! Three people ago, slave owners made boats out of trees, and used the boston morning go fast and fuck of fick wind to drift across the ocean.

You know what they had? A drawing. They were fucking savages just three people ago. They took their baby and jumped on a boat and floated across the fucking ocean with their kids.

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It just happened. Real recent! We have a very clear candylicious escort in this country. We try one person as president, and the next person has to be completely opposite.

And we always do the same thing. We go right, left, dumb, smart. We give everybody a chance.

We go Clinton, Bush. Then we go Bush, Obama.

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Obama, Trump. All right? We almost had a woman! I think a woman can be president. As well as short. Defuse my point of view.

I am sexist. I decided during this whole Harvey Weinstein thing. This is why. Can you imagine being an actress? You gotta fuck that guy fazt order to make it. Like, ugh. What a horrible choice.

Like, what a terrible position to be in! I think he should be punished. What else is happening? How bad you want to be Batman? You could wait tables in this town for 20 years and never catch a break. Or you give the fqst lady what she wants.

Come on! You gotta make eye contact, you gotta lock in with. Rich old ladies are probably super skeptical.

Always, always maintain eye contact. The hard part is, when you go down on Harvina, she likes to rest her fat gut on your forehead. And the sweat!

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The sweat gets in your eyes! And it stings like sunscreen! Nobody cares about boys that have to eat pussy. No one botson. No one feels bad. Men are gross, ladies. My favorite example of the difference between the way men and women are treated was always old school Fox News.

They were right next to each other, so I boston morning go fast and fuck they were in the same climate. He had a jacket on, a shirt, a tie, and pants. And Megyn Kelly was wearing what would best be described as a vagina curtain. Not like one of those Vegas curtains that lets you sleep in late.

No, no, sex stories ladyboy. You bosston always see the yard. You know that one?

Nobody says. Are we cool? Why you so itchy?

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Where are your sleeves? I want you to like me. And you can see some of her tit.

You could see some middle tit. Put it away! You can show some of a sex organ. What if that was the case with dudes? What if we had a window in our pants, we could just see the shaft?

Just the shaft. Just a little side dick. Just showing a little tubage.

Why do I dress like that? To look cute for my friends. I need to get a sip of water. Excuse me for a moment. I grew up. We used to hide in the bushes and smoke weed. Hiding from cops that are now getting high.

And Massachusetts finally has good laws. So in Florida, they make it so illegal, this is one of the things they do in Florida: Specifically a hot woman.

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They hired a year-old hot woman to pretend to be a high school student, flirt with boys, get those boys to sell her weed, and then arrest. You could never imagine that story if the genders were reversed. If you found out that a year-old man was throwing dick at your year-old fucj, and he talked her into selling him weed, and then he boston morning go fast and fuck her, we would light that motherfucker on fire in the street.

You got a story, dude. Do you remember what you were like when you were milf near Finland No, this kid was a straight-A student that thought he was getting pot for his girlfriend.

He even tried to give it to. She wanted to give him money, so she could arrest. But he had to know, he was a smart fck.