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Essentially projectors are hired to display a larger live image of either a powerpoint, video, or a live camera feed to make

presenter seen from a distance.  It is important that when hiring a projector and screen that the audience size, layout and brightness

of the room is considered.  It's easily to have a screen which may look big when delivered to site or measured out with a tape

measure at the venue, but becomes too small to read past 4 rows of audience.  Providing a projector for use for a data

presentation is different to that of a video presentation.  Generally you can get away with a lower brightness for black and white

presentations, however with videos you often need higher contrast which can be easily lost if the room is too bright or projector is

too dark.  Then there is a choice of front project or rear project screens to hire.

If you need assistance in selecting the right screen or projector for your event for rental for your training meeting or presentation

please do get in touch. All our projectors are based in Harlow in our warehouse, using our distribiton or picking up locally we supply

all across East and North London, Essex Hertfordshire and Cambridgeshire

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Audio Visual and Event solutions
Audio Visual and Event solutions
Audio Visual and Event solutions