ipro silent generator
open frame site generator
three phase distro systems
ho7 mains cable single and three phase
cable bridge cover
15a cable theatre extension

We stock generators under 4kva, over this we work with other hire companies to deliver power and distribtion where you need it!

Our main power stock is cabling, enough for the kind and size of events we put on including business exhibitions up to 200 stands

with an outlet per stand for small electrical.  Our common sizes of distribution is 32A single and three phase, 63A single and three

phase and lots of 16A distribution.

All of our mains cabling is HO7 of sutible size and the majority of the bigger mains is IP44 rated.  Using HO7 rubber cable along

with our cable ramp bridge covers assists in ensuring that our temporary electrics complies to BS7909 for temporary electrical


Audio Visual and Event solutions
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Audio Visual and Event solutions
Audio Visual and Event solutions
Audio Visual and Event solutions